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Medical Study Finds

'Natural Position Toilet

The Most Effective

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Treatment for


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In 2003 a group of 12 practicing physicians, led by Dr. Berko Sikirov undertook a comprehensive 1 year study involving 68 patients, all of whom had been diagnosed with hemorrhoids.  Half of these patients were asked to begin using the 'Natural Position' for elimination, the other half were treated using traditional medical treatments. The astounding results of this survey found that on the average, those who used the 'Natural Position' for elimination were 5 to 10 times more likely to experience alleviation of all or most of their symptoms, such as itching, bleeding, pain, or irritation, than those who were treated with traditional medical methods. (See study results.)

Numerous other physicians (see list of physician's endorsements) have noted a significant reduction of colon cancer, prostate cancer, and several other lower abdominal diseases as the result of the use of a 'Natural Position' toilet by their patients.

If you may be beginning to notice any of the early warning signs of lower abdominal problems, such as hemorrhoids, abnormal elimination, etc. etc., then now is the time to invest in your good health. The study also found that the earlier in the course of one's illness that a patient began using the 'Natural Position' for elimination, then the more likely a total remission of all symptoms was to be achieved.

The small expense of adding a 'Natural Position' toilet to your house is little when compared to the numerous health benefits you will begin to reap from it immediately.




Ez-retrofit installation
Optional EZ-retrofit box-installation

The natural-position toilet, used in cultures throughout the Eastern hemisphere, from Japan through Africa. Sometimes referred to as the "squat toilet".  Proven in university sponsored laboratory tests to significantly reduce the risk of colon cancer, and numerous other abdominal diseases. Blue Earth Ceramics is proud to be the world's primary manufacturer and distributor of these toilets.
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ISO and IAPMO compliant manufacturing facilities and processes.


Shown with new Fonta: Mini-Bidet and adjacent grab-bar.
With mini-bidet and grab-bar

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