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 BEC-116BT: Natural position toilet


Ez-retrogit installation


Bowl underside

Natura 16":  BEC-116BT Natural Position Toilet- Complete Installation Kit :

For use in EZ-retrofit installations (20" high), platform installations, or floor-level installations.  For platform or floor-level installations, the depth of the bottom of the sanitary drain must be 16" or more below the finished floor level (thus it is called the Natura 16").

Kit includes all plumbing parts needed for full installation, installation guide, and floor cutout template.   Tank mounts to any stud wall.  Bowl mounts to concrete or wood flooring.  Complete installation literature included (see below).  Has 360 degrees of jets under the rim, just like a Western style seated position toilet.  Inlet is standard ballcock (accepts standard 3/8" o.d. toilet supply tube).  Outlet is 3" IPS (accepts standard 3" fernco or no-hub clamp).  IAPMO code compliant. 

While the natural-position (or squat) toilet may seem a bit unusual at first, university health studies have found that this method of evacuation results in statistically significant reduced levels of colon cancer, diverticulitis, and more.  This toilet is used throughout Asia, India and the Middle-East, and due to its proven health benefits, is becoming ever more popular in the West. You can find out more about natural-position toilets at the Wikipedia article on these toilets.  To find out more about the many health benefits of these toilets, you can also visit: Nature's Platform.Com.

MSRP: $795.00



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Natura 16":  BEC-116BT/ 116BO Product Literature Downloads









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