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Natura 14":   BEC-114BO Natural Position Toilet- Bowl Only:

For use either in EZ-retrofit installations (18" high), or in floor-level or platform installations where the depth of the bottom of the sanitary drain is between 14" and 16" below the finished floor level. Tank or flushometer valve to be provided separately by installer.  

Model BEC-114BO is identical to the BEC-116BO, except that the depth from the finished floor to the drain-invert is 14", and a no-hub clamp must be used to connect the first 90 degree elbow .  (The drain invert is the lowest point of the first PVC 90 degree elbow).  

BEC-114BO: Diagonal view
BEC-114BO: Underside
BEC-116BO: Spud detail
BEC-114BO: Side view


Natura 14":  BEC-114BO Product Literature Downloads


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