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Sloan Flushometer Flush Valve Kit

The BEC-Sloan Flushometer Flush Valve Kit includes one standard Sloan 137-U (3.5 gpf*) flush valve (with 1- 1/4" flush pipe), plus one heavy gauge 1- 1/4" flush pipe extension. A flushometer installation requires a 1" (25mm) diameter water supply pipe with minimum 30 psi of pressure. Extension tube used to extend horizontal run. For more information about this kit, you can download the:

BEC-137SS Sloan Flushometer Flush Valve Kit Specifications Sheet

* Upgrade to 1.6 gpf available for $20.00 additional. To order a kit with a 1.6 gpf flushvalve, request a BEC-137SL kit.

Sloan Flushometer Kit

Sloan Flushometer Flush Valve Kit


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