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MSRP $149.00 + shipping

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(Also please note, Blue Earth Ceramic's Customization Service Department can take any new standard close-coupled toilet tank, which you may specify and modify it into a wall-hung tank with 1- 1/2" mip outlet for $124.00 + the cost of shipping to you. Good for most "antique toilet" installations.)

Wall Hung Toilet Tank


The BEC Wall Hung Toilet Tank includes the following:

  1. One wall-mountable ceramic toilet tank with wall mounting holes in top rear of tank.
  2. One matching ceramic tank lid.
  3. One stainless-steel wall-mount hardware kit.
  4. One standard US style toilet ballcock/ inlet valve.
  5. One standard US style flush valve/ outlet valve.


  • Code approval:
  • Gallons per flush:
  • Color:
  • Inlet type/ size:
  • Outlet size:
  • UPC Number

Uniform Plumbing Code.
Standard US Ballcock (7/8" male IPS).
2" male IPS.

Sloan Flushometer Kit


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