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Fonta:  Mini-Bidet/ Muslim Shower:  Item #BEC-101MB

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Price:   $ 124.00
Quantity:   9
Product type:   Plumbing Fixtures
Condition:   New
Brand:   Blue Earth Ceramics
Item # :   BEC-101MB
UPC # :   798304222470

Fonta: Min-Bidet

  • Chrome plated wall-tap and sprayer. 
  • Safe, sanitary operation assured through use of integral back-flow preventer (BFP).  BFP prevents potential cross-contamination of drinking water supply.
  • Meets UPC plumbing code, and most other local and international building code requirements.
  • Wall mount bracket for sprayer. 
  • 1/2" FIP inlet in rear of wall-tap. 
  • Adjustable wall flange depth on wall-tap. 
  • Dual shut-offs for maximal control of cleansing spray.
  • Wall handle regulates spray pressure.
  • Hand-button regulates on/ off.
  • Can be used with either tempered water or cold water source.
Name: Blue Earth Ceramics


135 E. Bennett St #24
Saline, MI  48176

Phone: 877 232-3923
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$ 124.00 plus tax and shipping to US.

When shipped individually, standard Canadian shipping is $28.00 USD. UK shipping is $36.00 USD. Australian shipping is $59 USD. Shipping to other international destinations varies. International purchases outside of the US can be made by calling +1734-864-4051.


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Fonta and toilet
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135 E. Bennett St. Saline, MI 48176


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